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Introduction This article describes all the Cluster Aware AIX (CAA) tunables and its possible recomendations. In most of the scenarios, IBM® PowerHA® automatically configures the recomended values. But based on the cluster configuration, some of the parameters might need to be changed. PowerHA SystemMirr or for AIX commands ar e installed in the /usr/share/man/info/EN_US/a_doc_lib/ cmds/powerha_cmds dir ectory . T o view the man page information for a command, use the following command: man command-name The command-name is the actual name of the PowerHA SystemMirr or command or script.

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Se hela listan på developer.ibm.com 2020-06-18 · PowerHA SystemMirror 7.2.1. AIX 7.1.3 SP6 or. AIX 7.1.4 SP1 or. AIX 7.2 SP1. Tips and guidelines for V7 migrations can be found at the following URL: PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Reference Information.

It's 3-node cluster build on AIX 6.1 lpars. It contains Ethernet and diskhb networks.

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Announcements Blogs Groups Discussions Events Glossary 2008年まではHACMP(High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing)という名称でAIXのみの対応だったが、同年にPowerHAに改称し、Linuxに新たに対応した。また、2009年からは「PowerHA SystemMirror」が正式名称となったが、その後も略してPowerHAと呼ばれることが多い。 AIX PowerHA (HACMP) Commands Most commands should work on all PowerHA (HACMP prior to 5.5) versions. If there is some syntax error, please consult the manual page for that command.

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AIX 7.2 SP1. Tips and guidelines for V7 migrations can be found at the PowerHA is a clustering technology that provides both failover protection by having redundancy and horizontal scalability through concurrent/parallel access. PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX APARs IBM® Support provides interim fixes for issues that are discovered after delivering PowerHA SystemMirror to the client site. You can apply these APARs after the interim fix bundles are applied for the version level of AIX and PowerHA SystemMirror in your environment.

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The paper, IBM AIX – An executive guide to the strategy and roadmap for the AIX Operating System for IBM Power Systems, was written in response to concerns of many AIX customers on the heels of IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat, the focus on Open Source, AI, and Cloud PowerHA is an RSCT aware client. RSCT is distributed with AIX. RSCT includes a daemon called group services that coordinates the response to events of interest to the cluster (for example, an interface or a node fails, or an administrator makes a change to the cluster configuration). This publication is targeted at technical professionals (consultants, technical support staff, IT architects, and IT specialists) who are responsible for providing HA and DR solutions and support for IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX and Linux Standard and Enterprise Editions on IBM Power Systems servers. PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX, the IBM Power Systems strategic solution for high availability, protects against most outage types, including software updates. It is the solution for protecting mission-critical environments. In version 7.1, a new built-in clustering capability called Cluster Aware AIX was introduced. AIX PowerHA (HACMP) Commands Most commands should work on all PowerHA (HACMP prior to 5.5) versions.
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It enables you to deploy an HA solution that addresses both storage and high availability requirements with one integrated configuration, which offers robust performance along with a simplified user interface. Se hela listan på developer.ibm.com 2016-09-18 · AIX: How to check HACMP or PowerHA Version. Date If you don’t trust the above method to determine the PowerHA version you could also ask the Starting with PowerHA SystemMirror V7.1, some functions of RSCT has been iplemented in AIX kernel, and these functions called as CAA (Cluster Aware AIX). This major change improves the reliability of PowerHA because the cluster service runs now in kernel space rather than user space. Practical Guide to AIX and its related IBM techonologies, like PowerVM, PowerVC, PowerHA, HMC etc.

20 dec. 2011 — Pre-sale techie in Sweden with AIX,PowerHA, PowerVM and POWER hw in focus​. My tweets represents my personal view on things. Sweden.
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High Availability (HA) is a major component of business resilience.

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Data # on file systems can be shared between systems in the cluster. # - PowerHA 7.1 was released in 2010 and uses the Cluster Aware AIX (CAA) infrastructure Available for AIX and Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. Support matrix / life cycle for IBM PowerHA (with a typical 3 year lifecycle): AIX 5.1: AIX 5.2: AIX 5.3 PowerHA SystemMirror 7.2 for AIX is an update release of PowerHA SystemMirror V7 family of products. Note PowerHA SystemMirror 7.2 uses the same clustering foundation as PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1, which enables simpler migration support from PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 release level, including support for non-disruptive migration POWERHA 7.1: install + cluster config (In below PowerHA 7.1 config only service IP + appl. scripts were added, no VG and filesystems) Before installing cluster fileset, check AIX prerequisite: bos.cluster.rte COMMITTED Cluster Aware AIX Install below filesets: smitty install cluster.adt.es cluster.doc.en_US.es cluster.es.client This command will create file system /fs01 on top of logical volume fs01lv, and will use an inline log (recommended for optimal performance), will not record access times (options=noatime) to avoid unneccessary writes to the file system, and will tell AIX not to automatically mount the file system at system start (-A no), as PowerHA will mount the file system instead.

- Scans event summaries and reads a detailed description for each event. PowerHA uses a shared disk to store Cluster Aware AIX (CAA) information. At least a 512 MB (and no more than 460 GB) shared disk is needed, for this cluster repository disk.